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A Superb fix to extract audio from my video files!! In addition, it allows you convert and import playlist in pls and m3u formats. It supports mov, avi and mpeg formats to extract audio from videos. It also allows you listen to sound tracks to choose files for conversion.
switch plus audio converter

NCH Switch Plus Audio File Converter Software

Image 3 of 7 Switch converts files faster than any other program in our guide. Image 4 of 7 Switch allows you to change the output destination for your converted files.

Image 5 of 7 You can change how Switch handles copies of audio files in the options menu. Image 6 of 7 You can also adjust how Switch handles audio from CDs in the options menu.

Image 7 of 7 Switch has different settings you can adjust for each file format. Switch is a better-than-average audio converter. This program has a simple, intuitive interface that is easy enough for even novice users to navigate. To import and convert audio, you just click the Add Files button, select your audio file and click Convert.

This is much easier than converting audio with iTunes, and it is fewer steps than other programs we tested, like Audiozilla , require. Everything you do in Switch, whether its adding audio from a CD or changing the bitrate, only takes a few clicks of the mouse. Switch is the quickest converter we tested — it only took 40 seconds to convert the massive test file and was the only software able to compress the file in under a minute.

That’s 23 seconds faster than the second-fastest converter in our review. This might not seem like a big time difference, but when you convert many large files, that extra time adds up quickly. This audio converter software has a feature it calls the Audio Stream Wizard that allows you to record audio you stream online from services like Spotify and Pandora.

The Audio Stream Wizard breaks this process into three steps and walks you through them. For comparison, iTunes is only compatible with five audio formats. Not only is it compatible with a lot of input formats, but Switch also can convert those files to 26 output formats.

Switch has an impressively large feature set. The software has more conversion options than any other program, can extract audio data from videos and can read CDA audio files.

Not only is this software compatible with a myriad of audio formats, but it also converts files faster than any other software we tested. This program is definitely one of the best music converters available.

Publisher’s Description

Trial paid Developer: Since there are several similar applications that allow users to change the format of their music files why should you use this one? First of all, Switch Sound File Converter Plus has an intuitive, well-organized interface that makes the process easier. Moreover, minimal effort is required from the user, as all you have to do is to choose the files you want to convert, select the output format and destination folder, and everything else is left to the program. As the application is incredibly simple it will prove suitable even for newbies, but the more advanced users will appreciate highly useful customizable options. The program supports files in MP3 and WAV input formats, but 21 different output file formats can be chosen.

VIDEO: Download Switch Free Audio Converter and MP3 Converter Beta

Universal audio converter supporting all popular formats; Convert or compress sound files within minutes of downloading; Extract audio from any media file. If you have difficulties using Switch Sound File Converter please read the .. Switch is a program for converting audio files from one format to another. Also supports converting to Ogg, AAC, M4A and Flac formats (Plus version only). q. Switch Plus is not simply an mp3 converter for Windows or Mac, it is the most comprehensive and stable audio file converter around. With Switch Plus you can .

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