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TunnelBear is a simple and private VPN that offers users secure access to an open internet. The application enables them to protect their online activities against hackers, their own ISPs, and from anyone who is watching movements in a network. With TunnelBear, online surfers can rest assured that they are also secured even when they connect to a public Wi-Fi.
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TunnelBear REVIEW

June 21, Share this Post Cute theme but, man, this service must…get…faster in order to run with the big dogs — err — bears. TunnelBear provides basic, entry-level VPN services at an affordable rate. Read our full review for the pros and cons. On their resumes are companies like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs as well as a startup that dealt with mobile security. Headquartered in Toronto, the company was recently purchased by U. For now, it seems that TunnelBear will continue to operate out of Canada, which is not necessarily the best news for people who want guaranteed anonymity from their VPN provider.

Like the U. For those not in the know, Five Eyes is a cooperative effort between the governments of the U. Research reveals that each country is intentionally spying on the citizens of the other members, which may enable them to circumvent any domestic restrictions that typically might prevent such activity. Tracking the Internet usage of those citizens may be a primary goal of the alliance.

Additionally, any data about the apps, websites or online services that users access while connected via TunnelBear will not be stored.

So far, so good, but the privacy policy also states that the company retains data concerning user names, email addresses and operating systems. They also keep the last four digits of the credit card used for payment and maintain a record of how much data is used. As such, this is not necessarily the best place to establish a VPN company, especially if your customers demand complete anonymity.

If the government or a surveillance alliance comes knocking, TunnelBear will have to turn over any data that is requested. Is TunnelBear Secure? The good news about TunnelBear is that it uses some pretty hefty security and encryption measures.

Both of these encryption protocols are currently the latest and greatest available. This is essentially a kill switch that is activated whenever no VPN connection is available. It is vital to know that this option is not a part of the default settings.

If you have this service and want to take advantage of the kill switch, then you must change your settings. This element of the service is designed to circumvent any VPN restrictions and to offer protection against deep packet inspection.

Networks provided by academic institutions or workplaces also may be set up to block VPNs. In these cases, an obfuscation feature can be invaluable. Once again, this is not part of the default settings, but it can be turned on under the security settings. People not living in countries with restrictive Internet laws and not trying to circumvent a work or school network may not need the additional obfuscation feature, which may only slow down browsing speeds, something with which TunnelBear already struggles.

A more powerful CPU and network settings are two of the factors that may have a positive or negative impact on your experience. TunnelBear tested at unimpressive numbers.

A server in Switzerland afforded 54 Mbps on downloads while a server in France provided a dismal 34 Mbps. Upload times were no better. A New York server uploaded at just In London, a server delivered an upload speed of No one necessarily expects their browsing to be lightning fast when using a VPN. However, these times were significantly slower than times with other VPN services. However, Netflix is getting better at blocking people from using VPNs to access their service.

This is because Netflix is bound by contracts, some of which block them from providing content outside of prescribed regions.

For instance, people in the U. Accordingly, U. Cracking down on VPNs accessing Netflix has become a top priority for the company. Netflix has deep pockets, so they are always going to come out ahead of smaller, less affluent companies. If you want some better alternatives check out our Netflix friendly VPNs. This is no longer the case.

However, the terms of service specifically forbid any sort of illegal actions while using TunnelBear. Users for whom BitTorrent is a primary objective may do well to look elsewhere. TorGuard offers technology that is purpose built for people using sites like BitTorrent, and it can be used in conjunction with other VPN services. Number of Servers and Locations TunnelBear boasts approximately 1, servers housed in more than 20 countries across the globe.

That is not too shabby, but is not particularly competitive with some of the best VPN providers. The number and location of servers is critical to how useful a VPN is. Additionally, geographic diversity means that you are more likely to find a server near you whether you are at home or on the road. The closer a server is to your actual location, the faster the VPN service is likely to perform.

There are servers in the U. Some VPN users also like to consider which countries their data is traveling through. When a VPN company uses only physical servers, this is easy to do. However, many VPN providers are now using virtual servers to conduct traffic. This means that a server may appear to be in Switzerland when it is really in China.

For some users, this is a cause for concern. The good news for TunnelBear users is that the company says that they only use physical servers. Consequently, people can rest assured that their data is being routed precisely where they expect it to be. TunnelBear does note that they may use virtual servers if demand is high enough, so that is something else for potential customers to be aware of. Their interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

People who are less sophisticated users still may run into difficulty, and if things go wrong for advanced users, they expect prompt, thorough assistance. Customer support is only available through a ticketed, email system. No live support is offered, and do not expect to find a phone number to call. This means that it often takes hours to receive a response. This can be immensely frustrating, particularly when the user is working on a deadline.

TunnelBear will simply tweet a suggestion to send an email to the support center instead. Once help is received, it seems to be pretty reliable. TunnelBear offers three pricing plans.

However, users are limited to MB of data each month. That is just a tiny amount of data. Most people will go through that much data in just a few days. This pay-as-you go plan may make a lot of sense for some customers, especially those who want the freedom to discontinue the service whenever they like. Customers who choose this plan pay just once a year, and the price works out to be about five dollars per month. This represents an approximate 50 percent savings over the monthly plan.

Payment options include debit cards, credit cards and bitcoin for those who want greater anonymity. TunnelBear also struggles when it comes to its lamentable upload and download times. If speed is a priority for you, then it would be wise to seek a different VPN provider. While TunnelBear does have a cute interface with its bear theming and is easy to use even for beginners, it just falls short of user expectations. You May Also Like:

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June 21, Share this Post Cute theme but, man, this service must…get…faster in order to run with the big dogs — err — bears. TunnelBear provides basic, entry-level VPN services at an affordable rate. Read our full review for the pros and cons. On their resumes are companies like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs as well as a startup that dealt with mobile security. Headquartered in Toronto, the company was recently purchased by U.

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TunnelBear, by contrast, gives you the full set of features and locations: the only limit is a monthly bandwidth cap. It’s set at MB by default. TunnelBear is a virtual private network, or VPN service that protects for the tenth time, you can stream in full HD without a second thought. TunnelBear is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for . I redacted the full API URL above, because the soft.u6831393.isp.regruhosting.ru API.

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