Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra-Analog VA-2

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Library factory The library completely renovated factory has more than production-ready sounds classified for quick and intuitive navigation. Compressor and equalizer These new additions are perfect to add punch and definition to sound, allowing cut through any mixture or dense phase. Play presents shortcuts to performance parameters and effect, including bypass switches for quick edits; Edit lets you adjust and create their sound; while FX supplied processors equalizer, compressor, multi-effect and reverb to a final brightness.
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Boasting fat, alias-free oscillators with hard sync, sub oscillators and integrated pitch envelopes, its unique character comes courtesy of two ballsy multimode filters with multiple drive and distortion options. Now AAS has reinvented Ultra Analog with version VA-2, featuring all of the same features and character of the original, but with scores of enhancements. Microtonal tunings via Scala scale files. Parameter values entry via computer keyboard. Bank and program navigation via computer keyboard arrows.

Retina display support for text. NEW Factory Library The completely overhauled factory preset library has well over production-ready sounds categorized for fast and intuitive exploration. NEW Compressor and Equalizer These new additions are perfect to add punch and definition to your sound, letting you cut through any dense mix or performance.

Library The superb preset library created by the world’s best professional sound designers represents a sensational journey through all the colors of the analog spectrum—from vintage synthesizers to modern VAs. Performance Ultra Analog is packed with premium performance features: And for even more action, Ultra Analog provides a user programmable pattern arpeggiator and shortcuts to high-quality effects.

Ultra Analog VA-2 will match your playing style or musical context with ease thanks to the tap tempo and sync to host clock options; poly- or monophonic with note priority keyboard modes; up-tovoice unison; glide and legato functions; and the flexible vibrato. Efficiency Ultra Analog is highly efficient. Find the sound you want fast and tweak it to perfection thanks to the categorized browser and ergonomic interface.

Load them into the program, or use them standalone with the included AAS Player. Created by renowned sound designers, they can be used as they are or as jumping off points to create your own sounds. Evoking the depths of warehouses, abandoned factories, and pop-up dance clubs, Technocracy’s basses, leads, textures, rhythms, arpeggiated sequences, percussive elements, and cleverly crafted effects deliver instant karma for dance producers. This library presents focused, upfront, and mood altering patches that will point your music in a new direction.

The presets cover arpeggios, basses, leads, synths, and effects. The sounds of Pivotal are so diverse, you’ll wonder how one synth could have made them all. Ranging from quasi-organic basses and inventive percussive and effects sounds, to gorgeous leads, tight plucks and pads, Pivotal will be your go-to palette for inventive electronic goodness for years to come.

It features subwoofer shaking, super low bass sounds, fast and punchy kick drums, catchy sine whistles, super phat saw synth leads, haunting and melodic plucks and bells, futuristic and furious arpeggios, emotionally charged vintage organs and keys as well as a selection of useful vinyl scratches and effects. The rich presets explore the percussive nature of Ultra Analog.

Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, and Percussion loops are bundled along with some finely crafted Ambient, Synth, and Effect sounds. True to Daniel’s mysterious and exotic aesthetics, Transparency will add intriguing rhythm and motion to your tracks.

This brand new collection of sounds brings out a lesser-known side of Ultra Analog’s personality. From subtle warmth to screaming distortion, Raw relies on the natural overdrive of Ultra Analog’s filters and its built-in effects to create a surprisingly varied set of unpolished, gritty, and dirty sounds.

Take your music in an aggressive new direction with Raw. These finely crafted sounds include super precise percussion hits, unusual basses, thick pads, deep and animated arpeggiator loops, rich intricate ambient textures, and more. An ode to modern and vintage analog synths, Sean’s goal was to create sounds with the warmth, imperfections, and character associated with these instruments.

His combined background and expertise as a composer, producer, and mix engineer results in a preset collection that is both truly inspired and tailored for production. The sounds are divided into seven categories: Shoulder pads are not included. It will come as no surprise to those familiar to his unmistakable dubwise style that subs and bass play a central role here, but you’ll also find an inspiring array of evolving chords and stabs, ambient clouds, and slowly evolving sequences.

For those looking for inspiration in the realm of dubstep , ambient , or the deepest and dubbiest of house and techno , Sounds from BLKRTZ is certain provide hours of creative inspiration for your productions. Screened into Cluster, Rhythm, SFX, Synthesizer, and Texture categories, the presets will support the color, exposure, motion, depth of field, and density of any scenes whether it’s for horror, romance, suspense, or drama.

The presets, divided into Arpeggios, Bass, Effects, Leads, Loops, Pads, and Synth categories, provide everything you need to dive right into the dramatic tension and enigmatic realms of sci-fi and thriller sounds. Split in two, the Movements presets make heavy use of the arpeggiator for some ferocious thumping action while the Stills presets get you your dose of fat, snoring, and wobbly analog goodness. Indeed, the presets scattered across ambient, arpeggiator, arpeggiator bass, chime, effect, keys, lead, rhythm, and synthesizer categories breach into outer space for an impregnable intergalactic landscape.

Whether you want to teleport your music into another dimension or simply leave for an orbital spaceflight, Starlight is your ideal shuttle. It’s also a whole lot of fun! Rich, Powerful, Attention-getting.

What type of copy protection does Ultra Analog VA-2 use? The license agreement for Ultra Analog VA-2 allows authorization on up to two computers which belong to you.

You might need, however, more than two authorizations if for example, you get a new computer or change some piece of hardware such as the hard drive. In these situations, it won’t be a problem to obtain additional authorizations. With your product serial number, you will be able to generate two different authorizations every 90 days directly from the AAS website. Beyond that threshold, you will have to provide an explanation of why you need an additionnal authorization.

The simple interface hides the heart of an analogue beast—from throbbing bass to supersonic leads, it’s all here. If you only have money for one serious commercial synth plug-in, make it this one. It sounds very analog and has a wide range of voicing options, as shown by the hundreds of cool factory presets.

Unequivocally, you betcha! It has a fat sound with filters that have a very pleasant character. In short: As an instrument, the patches are richer then some other re-creations Simple yet powerful—an excellent way to create both classic and unique sounds. Looks Like the digital age has caught up with the past. The bass end of UA was fantastic, and quite possibly one of the best I’ve heard from a plug-in Those of you craving that ultimate analog sound in digital format should certainly take a look at Ultra Analog.

Applied Acoustics Systems AA-UAPAK Overview

September 8, 0 Ultra Analog VA It is full offline installer standalone setup of Ultra Analog VA Ultra Analog VA In a world filled with reproductions and ever increasing complexity, Ultra Analog imposes itself as a unique and powerful synth that is fast, easy, and remarkably versatile. Features of Ultra Analog VA Play presents shortcuts to the performance and effect parameters including bypass switches for quick edits; Edit lets you tweak and create your sound; while FX supplies equalizer, compressor, multi-effect, and reverb processors for a final sheen.

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Review AAS Ultra Analog VA-2; Buy AAS Ultra Analog VA-2; Download AAS NEW Native bit AU, VST, and AAX plug-ins – Ultra Analog VA-2 now runs in. Virtual Analog Synthesiser (Download) Classically constructed subtractive synthesiser with two oscillators each, Multimode filters and LFOs as well as four. Year / Date of Issue: 04/26/ Version: Developer: Applied Acoustics Systems Developer website: Applied Acoustics Systems.

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