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Review Changelog Owning a place is one thing, but maintaining it is another. The same goes for owning a computer, maintenance is needed to keep your computer as effective as ever. The builders of UVK Ultra Virus Killer had this concept in mind and now you have the possibility of maintaining your computer hassle-free. And the best part is that it frees your computer from all forms of malware too. UVK Ultra Virus Killer is a software built for your computer to access system repair maintenance , removal of malware cyber-attacks , and for uninstalling programs from your computer.
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Ultra Virus Killer for Windows

Release notes: Current version: July 14 Change log. Important notes: Users using this product and software download sites redistributing it declare to have read and agree with our license agreement. If you have downloaded UVK from a location not listed above, and the application was bundled with adware please report to us here.

Learn more about UVK UVK was initially created in the beginning of as a simple but powerful manual virus removal and system repair tool. It introduced many new repair methods such as Register system DLLs, now used by other applications of the same kind. It has been growing up ever since, adding many useful features.

For a complete list, see the Change log. The System repair section is one of the most important UVK features. It contains fixes and tools to perform the most common system repair and maintenance tasks. It can also automate the most well known malware removal tools, and allows you to create your own automated third party apps, and professional reports. Unattended mode is supported.

The System booster is a trustful and complete registry and file system cleaner. In 64 bit Windows versions, it analyzes both native and Wow64 registry keys. This deep analysis makes this section a trustful registry cleaner, which ensures only real errors are reported. It also gives the user much more info about the errors it finds than other registry cleaners do. The Smart uninstaller is a fully featured software uninstaller for Windows. It allows to uninstall several programs at once, supports unattended mode uninstall without user interaction , forced uninstall for stubborn programs and much more.

Full info here. The Quick User Manager section provides you with all user account management options in a user friendly interface. Another important recently added section is the System immunization. This feature effectively prevents changes to the most vulnerable registry keys and files, and can optionally prevent running files in specific directories.

It doesn’t replace an anti-virus software, but it’s a fine lightweight complement. The Tools and tweaks section provides you with many tools and tweeks for Windows repair. This includes easyly running the most useful Windows built-in tools, a file, folder and registry management feature, and lots of Windows tweaks.

The System info section provides system information that can be specially useful if you’re planning to reinstall Windows or trying to diagnose a hardware related problem. The information can be exported to an html file. An effective and complete malware removal tool All the sections not mentioned above are malware detection and removal related. The set of features is so large that even if you group several well-known tools such as Process explorer, Autoruns, HijackThis and OTL, you would still be missing features such as automatic adware removal, VirusTotal MD5 hash reports, jump to the file or registry location in one click, adding cmd batch scripts to UVK scripts, managing Windows services and drivers, etc, included within these sections.

For more information please visit the help page corresponding to each section:

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Average rating: Initially UVK was one of the first optimization tools that introduced new repair methods which are nowadays used by many other similar applications. Initially developed in as a simple and capable malware removal and system tweaking tool, UVK has been growing ever since, adding lots of new features and functions. A very important function of UVK is represented by the System Repair feature, which bundles a set of tools and fixes that will allow you to perform system maintenance, remove malware and malicious items and perform tweaking and repair tasks. UVK also includes a comprehensive and efficient file system and registry cleaner.

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6/10 (58 votes) – Download Ultra Virus Killer Free. Download Ultra Virus Killer for free and you will be able to enjoy a complete pack of computer analysis. UVK Ultra Virus Killer portable is a simple, yet powerful Virus removal and system repair tool kit. It has stacks of features, such as a System. While it leaves you to do most of the work, Ultra Virus Killer is an excellent suite of manual malware hunting tools, and there are some very.

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