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In the popup window, type in the search terms like below: Videoscribe also comes with a whole library of new images that you can use to build your own style of animations. All the images are divided down into all these different folders.
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VideoScribe Tutorial 2019: The Definitive Guide (Part2)

In the popup window, type in the search terms like below: Videoscribe also comes with a whole library of new images that you can use to build your own style of animations. All the images are divided down into all these different folders. With a seven-day free trial you will only get access to some of the limited images in the system but you will have thousands once you purchase the Pro account.

If you want to use an image, simply click on that image and it will be added to the Canvas. You can further click and drag it around to position it. You can use the buttons and the corners and edges to resize. To rotate the image, just click and hold in the middle.

Import your own images or download images online. In the same popup window, you will see two other options, located in the lower left corner, to add images.

Once imported, you will have two options to animate the image, drawing is the standard method of animating text and images. How to change image properties When you have an image in Canvas, you will see an image thumbnail is added to the bottom left on the timeline at the same time.

Here you will have more controls over the image. If you want to hide any specific element for editing purpose you can use this Hide or show button. When done, click the Tick icon to save the changes.

How to delete the image from the canvas? If you want to delete images permanently from the canvas you will just need to select the image on the canvas timeline and then click the scissors icon.

How to Add Text in VideoScribe 1. Add Text to Scribe. To add text to any scribe you can just click on the text image icon on the lower right side of the screen and along the main editing section. From here you can type in the message that you want and then change items like the color, font, alignment and more. When you are happy with the results you can click the button next to the text on the canvas. This will save the text as it is in place. If you need to make additional changes you can expand, resize, rotate and more by clicking the text and then clicking the box to apply the changes.

How to change Text Properties? Changing text properties is also made very simple in VideoScribe. Once the text has been added into the canvas you can just click on the text as you would any image to pull up the properties menu.

After selecting the thumbnail along the timeline you can show or hide this text to temporarily hide it, speed up or slow down the draw time or edit the text properties over time. Changing text properties means clicking on the text properties and entering the edit screen. The edit screen gives you access to many image properties including: Edit Text: How to delete the Text from the canvas? Deleting text form the canvas is as easy as selecting text from the timeline or canvas and then clicking on the cut button when you are ready.

In the popup window, type in the text and values for the chart like below: By choosing different chart types you will get different chart, there are three kinds of charts available: Bar, Pie and Line.

A sample chart is shown as below: You can further customize its color, border thickness etc. You can either do that in VideoScribe, or use any other tool you want to record your voiceover and then import it into VideoScribe.

And then build your scribe to fit in with that voiceover. The other way would be build your scribe first, and then play it and record the voiceover while you are viewing it. To add voiceover, simply click the Voiceover icon in the top right: You will see three options to import a voiceover to the scribe: Record Voiceover inside VideoScribe, import mp3 files from local computer, or import mp3 file from the web.

Here we will show how you can record voiceover inside VideoScribe: To start recording, just click on the Record icon.

That then stores that voiceover recording as part of the project. Now if you click the voiceover icon, you can see that the voiceover exists. You can further change the volume, or delete it if needed. How to Add Music in VideoScribe Adding your own music is great for presentations so that you can get the right feel.

Adding music into your scribe means clicking on the music icon in the top right corner. Videoscribe in its full version has many different sound tracks in a royalty-free music library.

You can also import your own prerecorded music from an MP3 as well as import MP3s from the web from a royalty-free artist that you may have found or songs that you have the rights to. VideoScribe comes with a library of lots of different soundtracks. You can sort through them by name, short to long, calm to heavy etc. Click on the play icon to preview and listen to the tracks and see which ones you like the sound of.

Once decided, just select the sound track and click the Tick button to apply. How to Change Background color of the canvas In the upper right corner of the main editing screen, click on the pen icon: There you can select a preferred background color and click on the Tick icon to apply: How to change drawing hands There are two ways to change drawing hands.

You can change it through the image properties editing screen like we mentioned above. Or a much easier way to do this is click on the Drawing hand icon on the upper right corner: You may also like:

How to get the new images

Look out for icon below in the top left of a thumbnail to see which images can change colour. Whenever you see this icon you will have up to 4 colours you can change. Simply pick a colour from our handy palette or add your own hex code. Find out more about how easy this is to use on our colour change help page. New images We have added colour versions of our technology images giving you an extra 31 images to choose from… of course, these all change colour too!

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We’re looking at new image packs for our #VideoScribe library What new # images would you like to see? Reply with some #ideas #imagepacks. VideoScribe creates whiteboard animation videos from a library of graphics, music, content, and drawing styles. I created an SVG file and imported to Videoscribe. I accidentally deleted the original file in my external program but now need to make changes. Is there a way to.

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