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Posted on February 12, by Mindy Kingswood Anyone with a camera, a speaker or headphones, a computer or laptop, and internet connection can use Skype and enjoy its advantages. However, as with any technological tool, it has its disadvantages. When you get an error like this, it just means that you need to select another playback device. Click on that and look for Options.
what is problem with playback device on skype

How to Fix Problem with Playback Devices on Skype?

If you have trouble when using a headset or webcam with Skype for Business , try one or more of the following steps: Check volume settings and mute function: Remember to check volume controls on both your device and your computer. Consult your device’s documentation for non-obvious mute features.

Set the default device: If you have a webcam, the default setting may be to use the webcam’s internal microphone rather than the microphone on your headset. If you try to mute your microphone and find that the other party can still hear you, or if the other party reports that your voice is coming in and out, this may be the problem.

Also, if you have previously used a different device on your computer, that device may still be set as the default. Also, any device you designate as the default will play all audio both phone communication audio and all computer audio. You may need to designate different devices for different purposes. Other things to try: Set the default device within Skype for Business: In the lower left of the main Skype for Business window, click the audio device button.

Depending on what device is set as the default, this may look like , , or. Select the preferred audio device from the drop-down list, or click Audio Device Settings to set up a new audio device. In the “Audio Device” portion of the “Options” window, make sure the correct equipment appears for each audio device listed speaker, microphone, etc. Set the default device in the Control Panel: Windows From the Control Panel, click Sound.

Highlight the device you want to use, and click Set Default. Then click OK. Windows 8. From the Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound. Under “Sound”, click Manage audio devices.

Windows 7: From the Control Panel, double-click Sound. Click the Playback tab for speakers or the Recording tab for the microphone. If the device you want to use is listed but does not have a checkmark, click the device you want to use, and then click Set Default.

For help navigating, see Get around in Windows. Disable other devices: If you try to mute your microphone and find that the other party can still hear you, your system may be drawing audio from more than one device. Try the following: Right-click the desired device. Both show disabled devices and show disconnected devices should already be checked.

Click Disable. Click OK. Make sure that your preferred device is set as the default or default communications device. It should be checked in the list of devices.

Click the Recording tab. Check for volume fluctuations for more than one device while speaking. You can disable any device you don’t want to use; to do so, click the device name, and then click Properties. On the General tab, at the bottom next to “Device usage: Make sure that your preferred device is set as the default.

It should have a checkmark in the list of devices on the Recording tab. Check the settings in your webcam software: Some webcams come with software that must be installed for them to work properly.

If you installed the software and find that people are having trouble seeing or hearing you, try the following: In the Skype for Business client, from the Tools menu, select Options. In the left pane, click Video Device. Here you can see if Skype for Business recognizes your camera; you can also manipulate settings as needed by clicking Webcam Settings. For more advanced features and settings, refer to the documentation that came with your webcam.

To learn how to perform common tasks in Skype for Business, see UniCom. Also, see Skype for Business help center. Related documents This is document awzv in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Connect with UITS.

Troubleshoot Skype for Business video issues

With an internet connection, speaker or headphones, camera, smartphone, and a computer or laptop, one can use Skype and enjoy its services. This problem bars you from making and receiving calls. There are several issues that cause this problem on different PC Windows. How to fix it on Windows 7 Click Tools on your Skype at the upper left screen.

VIDEO: Problem with video call on skype

Problems with playback device on Windows 10 can be resolved by changing Skype settings and drivers update. Your Skype mic not working problem is probably being caused by driver and set it as the default playback device every time it’s plugged into. When I start a game on steam and then try and place a skype call, skype fails and says “problem with playback device,” and if I place a call and.

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