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Tools May 27, In my first two posts in this Vim series, I talked about finding files in Vim and having a minimal Vim setup. Essentials First and foremost, the leader key is a special key in Vim that with other combinations of keys can be mapped to perform certain functions. By default, Vim maps the leader to the backslash key. I see many Vimmers yes, this is a word now set it to the comma key.
wincmd key

FAQ Overview Q: What is the price of a multi-user-licence? You can see the exact pricing on our order form. You find it in the help of Total Commander and on our homepage in the order section. Here are some examples how you calculate the total amount: Licence for 5 users: How do I calculate the number of licences I need?

Total Commander licences are floating licences, also called “concurrent use”: At a given time, for each purchased licence, one person may work with Total Commander on any number of computers, even simultaneously. An accurate detection is not necessary. Just estimate the maximum number of people using Total Commander at the same time it’s OK if this gets exceed for a short period of time.

What’s the price of an update from an older to the current version? As soon as you are registered, until further notice all updates are free, provided that you get the latest version yourself by downloading it. This has been the case since version 1. Just install the new Shareware version over the old one.

The only important thing is to keep the file wincmd. Can we resell Total Commander to a customer of us? This is possible, but please note the following points: We need the name AND address of the end-user for the registration key. Please also indicate the shipping and billing address on your order. Unfortunately we cannot offer a special reseller discount, because our prices were calculated for the end-user.

You must bill your customer for your expenses. If you order via Internet 2Checkout. Can we pay by COD? Please use one of the following payment methods: Online by credit card or Paypal through 2Checkout. Cash transfer from the post office France: This works fine from the postal office in most European countries except for Germany, where you should contact us at about our German account.

Please supply your postal address! Please do not forget to write on the coupon small part your name, address and country! Please also send the order form with a note when you transferred the money by mail or e-mail to! All charges must be to your debit! Only for companies who order with official purchase order. Please fill in our order form too and add it to your order. Can we make a wire transfer to your bank account? Please proceed this way: Send us your complete address including your country by e-mail to , or the filled order form with the remark ‘wire transfer to your account’ to our postal address.

Reason for this procedure: We want to avoid payments without any reference or sender address. Can we order by fax? If you order by credit card or against invoice ONLY for companies , you can fax us the filled order form to: Can we order by e-mail?

Please send your order by fax or post because it is legally binding contrary to e-mails. For your own security: NEVER send your credit card number by e-mail! Could you inform us by e-mail about new versions? For this we have created our mailing-list. You can unsubscribe whenever you want.

In addition we do NOT send any commercials and we do not give your e-mail address to anybody else. We already have a site-licence multi-user-licence of Total Commander and would like to order additional licences.

Is this possible and how much does it cost? You can always buy additional licences to an existing licence: The price is the difference between the price of the bigger licence and your existing licence plus CHF 5.

Price user-licence: CHF You can find this number on the original disk, the licence letter or in the menu “Help” – “About Total Commander”. Do you offer an unlimited site licence? There is no licence for an unlimited number of users. The normal single- and multi-user licences are valid for an unlimited amount of time, though.

Is there any discount for students or pupils? Yes, provided you send or fax us a copy of your valid student card. The price of a student licence is CHF Is it possible to register to an imaginary name? If we receive a strange or insufficient name, we reserve the right to decline or change it.

How can I order online a multi-user-licence for my company? It is only possible to order personal licences online. Because of our discount system for additional licences we have chosen the following solution: If you order online several copies at the same time, we will create automatically multi user licences.

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Total Commander 9. You have options to copy, move and paste any file which adds a kind of improvements which are very useful. Also, it contains the prolonged main menu, toolbar, modified structure and other elements. Here this is available at my website Total Commander 9.

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Interactive malware hunting service. Any environments ready for live testing most type of threats. Without install. Without waiting. The configurations about VimDesktop AND Everything – Marslo/TC- VimDesktop_Everything. Total commander ultima prime 6. Total commander ultima pr.

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